Ringler excavating will take responsibility for all hook up of all water lines or sewer lines into your towns facilities.

Ringler Excavating also has the expertise to repair any broken or leaky lines. We can hook you up, or make those needed repairs. Meeting and exceeding all criteria asprescribed by the standards by the town of installation. All permitting will be initiated and handled.

Installation includes selective removal and clearing of site path (trees, shrubs, bushes, or construction.) Preparation of trench and installation of piping to confirm specification (PVC, to meet ASTM p-3034 requirements, or to meet ASTM-A-748-99). Water retention structures, correct drainage fill and final back fill with hydro-seeding, or new asphalt/concrete work as required, to ensure that the finished product has the appearancethat your yard has the same look as before (or better) before the installation.


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